Orange Canna at Longwood Nature / Floral Photo Fine Art & Unframed Wall Art Prints

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Orange Canna at Longwood Nature / Floral Photograph Fine Art & Unframed Wall Art Prints

About This Floral / Botanical Picture: Orange Canna at Longwood is a beautifully detailed close- up (macros) nature photograph of a boldly colored orange Canna Lily flower blossom in full bloom against a solid black background.

Title: Orange Canna at Longwood Gardens
Nature Photographer: Melissa Fague
Genre:Nature / Flower Photography
Item ID#: NAT-2087
Main colors of this photograph: Orange, Black and Yellow

About the Photographer:
Melissa Fague is a professional landscape and nature photographer based out of Bear, Delaware USA. In just a few short years her work has been published over two dozen times and she has won multiple national and international awards. To read Melissa's full story on how she became a nature and landscape photographer; as well as receive helpful photography tips to improve your own photographic skills, please check out our blog.

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