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Dear Clients and Potential Clients:

Thank you for checking out my website. Some of you may be here because we worked together previously and for others, this may be a new experience. Either way, I appreciate your time and feel the need to make you aware of an issue that is affecting my small business. I am writing to you today because I have some temporary suspensions and updates to my availability and print stock. 

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, my family and I were lucky enough to catch it in its early stages. However, even though it was caught early, it's still an extremely stressful time for us all. So I’m temporarily suspending several services until the end of my healing journey. 

Custom designs and photography services:

As of 3/13/2023 I will not be scheduling any personal or commercial photography services. Nor will I be taking on any new custom design projects through my Petite Patterns and Simply Solids shop until future notice. 

Art prints:

I will have internet access throughout my journey and I will be checking in several times a day, so all print orders will be processed in the same timely manner as before… up until surgery day. I will keep people informed on a need to know basis about that date and do my very best to meet everyone's needs before and after. 

Other suspensions:

I am temporarily turning all phone and chat services off for the next 4-6 weeks to rest. During this time I would appreciate all questions and concerns to go through email. I will be checking emails on a regular basis and respond to your concerns within 48 hours. If you have concerns, please send them to me through the Contact Us page.

My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you… If you’re in no hurry (In my best Arnold voice)  “I’LL BE BACK”. ;) Love ya!

Thank you again! 🙂

Welcome to PIPA Fine Art

No room is complete without artwork to decorate the walls. We are passionate about nature / landscape photography and helping our clients find the right piece of photographic art that finishes off their wall decorating needs in their own homes or office spaces.

If you love nature, animals, wildlife, coastal scenes, sunset, or unique photographs; we have photographic prints to fit every budget from loose wall art prints to limited edition collectible fine art pieces. Our entire team is dedicated to helping you find the right piece that will enhance your life and inspire you daily.

Hi, my name is Melissa, and that is the kind of art I am passionate about and love to create, one button-click at a time. I work with digital equipment and software, and I love the peace and tranquility nature offers. I create different types of art but photography of animals, flowers, landscapes, and untouched natural world is my preferred field to create in.

Welcome to my online home. I invite you to come in, learn more about me, my photographic work, and stop to embrace the pleasure of "The Art in Nature"...if only for a blissful moment. Explore our collections now.

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