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Giving Back

For many of us, the natural world serves as an endless source of inspiration. The grandeur of a mountain range, the serenity of a tranquil lake, the vibrant colors of a blooming meadow - these are scenes that can stir the soul and awaken a sense of wonder. For those of us who are artists, the beauty of nature is not just a source of inspiration, but also a fundamental part of our craft. It's the canvas on which we create, and the subject of many of our creations.

For the past decade, we have been blessed with the ability to explore our beautiful country. From national parks to little niches we found along our journeys, we have been able to immerse ourselves in the splendor of nature and channel that into our artwork. And we are profoundly thankful for this ability. But it's not just the vistas and landscapes that have made this possible. A significant part of our ability to create art from nature stems from the dedicated efforts of people who strive to keep these areas clean and protected. These are the individuals and teams who work tirelessly to ensure that these natural spaces remain preserved for both humans and animals alike.

In recognition of this, we have decided to change our charitable donation strategy. We have chosen to focus our efforts on organizations that are directly related to the preservation of the natural landscapes that inspire our work. By doing this, we believe that we will be able to contribute more meaningfully to the causes that are closest to our hearts and most aligned with our values as artists.

Some of the organizations we have selected are those that operate in the very locations where our photographs were created. This means that every time you purchase one of our pieces, you will be directly contributing to the preservation of that area that inspired it. We believe that this creates a powerful connection between the art, the artist, and the viewer, and serves to deepen the impact of our work.

By purchasing our artwork, you are not only acquiring a beautiful piece to add to your collection, you are also playing a part in preserving the natural world for future generations. Every artwork purchased is a step towards a better, more sustainable world, and we are thrilled to have you join us in this effort.

Don't miss out - order now and join us in creating a better world for future generations!

The Foundations

With every art print purchase 10% of the proceeds will be donated to one of the following organizations:

Breast Cancer Proceeds

With every purchase of our Breast Cancer related items, we joyfully contribute 25% of the proceeds to trusted foundations that played an instrumental role in Melissa's victorious breast cancer journey back in 2023. Their expertise, compassionate care and thoughtful care packages radiated beams of hope and healing throughout her remarkable recovery.

Let’s continue supporting these unsung heroes holistically transforming the lives of many walking down a similar path as Melissa did; because a small act can stir up waves of change.