100% Donation To Help Support Ukrainian Refugees When You Purchase Wall Art, Home Decor and More

100% Donation To Help Support Ukrainian Refugees When You Purchase Wall Art, Home Decor and More

To-date, there are more than 2.5 million refugees that are being forced to flee from Ukraine; leaving behind not only the warmth, safety, and comfort of their homes but vital supplies to required to sustain life.

To me this is heartbreaking, I've always believed that war solves nothing! Unfortunately, providing physical help is beyond my capabilities but I can help in other ways. Today, I've donated to a fund that helps relieve some of these stresses of war but I would like to offer more.

As a creator I've built an online presence over the years, under several brands that I'm building. For each of these brand shops I've recently created some photographs, minimal designs, patterns and solid colors to help raise money for these families.

The new photographs, designs, patterns, and colors are in my Print-on-Demand shops (more info below). If you are unaware of how Print-on-Demand works here is a brief overview. Print-on-Demand platforms allow artists and designer like me share their work on a variety of products. Each, platform has a variety of items than an artist can apply their work to. Items suchs are t-shirts, phone cases, home decor, office supplies etc. Once the artist activates the design, the products go into an online marketplace. When an item is sold, the product is created (usually with-in a few short days) and shipped out to the buyer directly from the platform. The artist then receives a commission on the purchase, usually a small percentage but hey... it adds up.

these designs that are purchased by you though my shops from our wall art sales through Pi Photography and Fine Art of selected photographs.

Where The Money Will Go:

I recently found a great foundation that helps support people in humanitarian crisis called International Rescue Committee. The foundation was formed in 1933 at the call of Albert Einstein and now provides services to over 40 countries that are affected by crisis. They help support everything from healthcare, education, job training and emergency support. What I liked best about this particular foundation is that 87% of the money they receive goes to the programs that assist people in crisis; the other 13% goes to overhead and fundraising expenses to keep the foundation going. To read more about: International Rescue Committee

Photographic Wall Art Prints

Designs, Patterns and Solid Colors That Help A Great Cause

Shop Pattern - RedBubble Shop Pattern - Society6  Shop Pattern - Fine Art America
Sapphire and Yellow Solid Shapes Ukraine Flag Colors 2 100 Percent Commission Donated Read Bio Table Runner
Sapphire and Yellow Solid Shapes Ukraine Flag Colors 4 100 Percent Commission Donated Read Bio Rug


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