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Featured Artist – Landscape Photographer Tordis Kayma

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15 stunning mountainous landscape photographs on canvas that will take your breath away. “In the early hours of the day when the first rays of sun start to fill the sky, a morning mist takes effect, transforming the German forest into a landscape rich with inspiration for Tordis Kayma. He wanders nature taking atmospheric shots of forest landscapes, foggy mountains, and northern night skies. The dramatic lighting and evocative mists and haze of the conifers capture the true sense of nature’s majesty. Growing near a national park, Kayma’s passion for nature started at a young age, originating in childhood and...

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Inspirational Framed Coastal Wall Art Prints - Featured Artwork

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Showing California by Andreas12  and Salty Summer - Landscape and Nature Photography EwKaPhoto Inspirational Framed Coastal Wall Art Prints The beach is calling. If I could spend my days beach hopping around the world I would totally do it! For me, I love the shore so much it feels like home to me. So every chance I get to create art of the coast I jump on it. However, realistically speaking, there are places in the world that I will never be able to see, let alone photograph. So today, I'd like to present some of my favorite framed coastal...

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